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A Guide to Understanding the Quality of a Band T-Shirt

The material of a shirt will affect the fit, style, and durability. With premium t-shirts now selling for retail prices of $ 50.00 and up, it's important to understand how quality will affect look, feel, and style. The tips in this article will help you get the most out of your investment.

First of all, make sure you understand the quality of the material. Many licensed band product manufacturers offer T-shirts that range in quality from basic to premium. For example, an industry-standard heavyweight cotton T-shirt is generally made up of 18/1 yarn. This means that 18 threads are needed to make every inch of fabric. The higher number of threads per inch usually increases the price. If you looking for best tultex t shirts visit

In addition to the standard t-shirts, most of the big manufacturers of officially licensed tourism products offer premium band t-shirts printed on higher quality cotton t-shirts. Usually, the thread count on these striped shirts is 30/1, 40/1, or more. This means that these concert shirts have 30 or 40 threads per inch of the shirt.

The threads that make up these shirts are much thinner than the threads that make up the 18/1 shirts, so the overall feel of your 30/1 or 40/1 banded shirt will be much softer and you will have lighter silk. how to feel the fabric. They will be a bit tighter because they will mold slightly around the body.

In addition, most officially licensed band t-shirt manufacturers offer these premium t-shirts in a slim fit to give them a much more stylish look than typical standard "square" t-shirts. For women, these cuts are more pronounced, but for men's banded shirts, the taper at the sides is typically less than an inch smaller (from armpit to armpit) than a men's shirt. standard cut. This is enough to make the shirts look less boxy and slightly fitted without being tight.