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Acupoint Slimming Massages: Shed The Weight The Good Way

Let's face it, everyone wants to lose at least a little weight. To be honest, there's nothing wrong with that, especially if the end goal is a thinner, healthier version of you. This will even benefit in the long run – most of us actually need weight loss. You can also get the best slimming massages through LPG technology.

However, the desire to achieve that perfect body weight does not justify taking drastic action to achieve it. If you want to lose fat, do it right. Diet and exercise will certainly work, but you can turn to less conventional sources of information for additional advice.

An unusual tactic for weight loss is massage. Sounds too good to be true, relaxing under the hands of a masseur and losing weight in the process. But it's actually a widely used and accepted weight loss practice. 

Usually massage consists of stimulating blood circulation. Massage helps relax tense muscles after strenuous exercise, which can increase muscle size.

This is actually a pretty good indicator that weight loss will follow, as bigger muscle usually leads to a faster metabolism and more calories burned. The fast and rhythmic movements of the massager are also very useful as they help to break down subcutaneous fat.

One special type of massage called acupuncture weight loss massage is specifically aimed at those who want to lose weight. Traditional Chinese medicine maintains the belief that obesity is caused by an imbalance in certain parts of the body, especially the spleen and liver. Acupressure restores balance in the body and releases clogged qi energy.

By pressing certain points, massage is designed to speed up the weight loss process. Several points are on the side of the ears, ankles, neck, and both sides of the navel.