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Advantages and Disadvantages of using LED Lights

LED is advantageous because it provides a better quality of light compared to incandescent. Has a white light, and the amount of lighting is much better, compared to the general. Second, LEDs have a longer lifespan than other types of lighting. Apart from the legendary ball which has been running since a hundred years now, no other form of artificial lighting can have a longer life of LED lights.

The custom neon sign is also gentler on the eyes compared to traditional bulbs. In the traditional lighting, the amount of heat and glare that someone experiences when they move in the direction of the light source is quite high, and that removes much of the total amount of space that can be used that one has in the area where the light source is installed.

Another advantage is that LED lamps are much smaller than the electric light bulb on average, and therefore people can be creative with them while making decorative lights and other types of lighting. For the aesthetically inclined, the LED lights are available in various designs and styles, and can add much-needed chutzpah for home decoration if required.

This is the advantage of LED lights, but the technology is not without drawbacks. To begin with, LED lights are very expensive, and in some cases, they are at least three times more expensive than traditional bulbs, but also the fact that the lights have a longer life.