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Advantages of Kitchen Faucets with Pull-Down Feature

Pull-down function in kitchen faucets becomes more and more popular, and it's no wonder. It helps a lot to streamline the work of preparing meals and cleaning up. It comes in especially handy if you often need to fill pots that sit on the counter top or cooking surface. You can easily fill even a pail on the floor if you like, without using any additional equipment.

Pull-down kitchen faucets are those with a detachable spray head attached to a hose that runs through the faucet body. The hose is usually supported by special bearings inside the spout. You can also buy pull down kitchen faucet via

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There are a number of challenges in taking advantage of this feature. It quickly became clear that a faucet with a spray head that was not securely attached when not in use was more of an annoyance than a fix. Leading kitchen faucet manufacturers have gone to great lengths to find the best way to keep the spray head firmly in the dock.

Carefully engraved spray heads and docks combined with a balanced counter ensures a snug fit. The best faucet brands that do these things right work great and help people make their kitchen work easier.

The biggest compliment, however, goes to the detachable kitchen faucet that uses a magnetic dock head. This type of kitchen faucet has a strong magnet built into the docking station and the spray head itself. This system provides an elegant click when the spray head snaps back into place.

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