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Book Marketing Techniques Used Today

Book marketing is very important because writing a novel or a book is not just the only duty of a writer. 

Here are a few techniques you or your book marketer must use:

  • Participate frequently in authors' conventions, composing guild conventions and symposia, and so on. You could acquire crucial, practical inputs from experienced writers who will provide you successful advertising suggestions that might not be discovered elsewhere.
  • You might not sell novels but might issue writer cards for your program participants who might be your upcoming publication buyers. 
  • You can also think of enrolling to a courses by The Independent You can learn how you can market your book.


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  • Think about listing your book on internet classified ads sites. 
  • Send e-mails for your friends and reader lovers of scanned excerpts of your publication with a fitting explanatory note. 
  • Put an advertisement on social media websites that enable the promotion of your books/latest work at no cost or for a discounted charge.
  • Be a proactive writer like providing free copies of your publication to actors and famous source persons, sending comment articles for papers, and becoming actively involved in community projects and charitable events. 
  • Contact celebrity specialists, independent publication critics, and well-known book review firms for positive acceptance comments.