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Is it possible to run a marathon barefoot?

The marathon is a challenging distance to run as it is 42 kms of hard running. They are hard on the body due to the sheer distance that has to be run. In particular, they are hard on the feet which which is why almost all marathon runners spend such a lot of time on the type of running shoe that they wear on their feet. Marathoners spend a lot of time finding the most suitable footwear and a lot of money is involved in running shoes. However, back at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games, Abebe Bikala from Ethiopia arrived for the marathon and there were no shoes remaining in the teams supplies that would fit him, so he ran the marathon without footwear and won the gold medal. This is commonly praised as a extraordinary achievement. Recently there has been a community of runners who are suggesting the running shoes are not all they may be believed to be and are advocating that running must be done barefoot, the same as nature intended. The story goes that we were not born with footwear and historically humans simply had to run great distances without shoes to stay alive as they had to hunt animals on foot, stalking them and running after them over great distances.

Athletic shoes are actually only a relatively recent creation. Runners who propose the barefoot method of running like to point to the achievements of Abebe Bikala as further validation that we do not need running shoes. There are obviously many other arguments both for as well as against barefoot running, with very little scientific evidence supporting it. While Abebe Bikala getting the gold medal at the 1960 Rome Olympics without running shoes obviously suggest that it can be done, what those who like to tout his successes as evidence often omit that he subsequently went on to get the gold medal as well as break the world record in the marathon at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic games. Abebe Bikala managed to set the world record this time wearing running shoes; to put it differently he had the ability to run faster when he was using running shoes. We might well have evolved to run without shoes, but we also evolved in an environment ahead of concrete and hard surfaces emerged. While the successes of Bikala were outstanding, using him as proof that barefoot is better does not stack up to scrutiny.

Various Reasons For Using Pink Himalayan Salt

A pallet of pink Himalayan salt is one of the most sought after items when it comes to the traditional art of making candles. It is very much a loved item in every home.

Pink salt is popularly used to make candles at this time because it is both cheap and has many advantages. It is made from salt that is mined from the red Himalayan salt fields of India, which has been renowned for its purity and versatility. Although other similar minerals may also be found on the mountain slopes, the Himalayan salt from Amazon is thought to be the most pure.

The mountain is so high up that it receives little or no sunlight. This means that it is constantly at an altitude of around 5,000 feet. At the very top of the peaks are regions where the salt has a crystalline structure known as serpentine. It is considered by many to be a highly valuable ore, which helps in producing gemstones such as carnelian and peridot.

Because of the high altitude and the extreme cold temperatures, no other mineral has been found to have the same properties that Pink Himalayan salt has. It is also low in sulphur, making it highly resistant to the adverse effects of oxygen and heat.

In addition to the numerous health benefits of pink salt, it is a highly decorative element. Many people use it to decorate their homes in addition to candles and other accessories. They often use it in ways that are symbolic of the love that they feel for each other.

Although pink salt can be very expensive, it can often be more affordable than other minerals. This is due to the fact that it is a relatively cheap item that is hard to duplicate.

Salt isnatural, and it is often used in the kitchen to prepare recipes. You will find pink salt very frequently in the spice cupboard, the baking section of your grocery store, and the spice rack in your spice rack. If you look closely, you will see that there are different grades of salt, depending on its purity and mineral content.

One of the common problems that happens with pink salt is the reaction between the salt and the wax that are added to it. Even though most of the time, this only occurs in cases of quality salt, it is a common cause of a bad tasting candle. To avoid this problem, people often add some form of cleaning agent to the salt before pouring it into the container to make sure that the salt remains the same consistency.

You will find that pink salt can come in various different shapes and sizes. Many people prefer to purchase a thicker pink salt to put in the containers where they will be used to make perfumes or colognes. There are many different varieties of salt available for purchase in the market.

However, the greatest advantage that you can get out of using pink salt is that it will offer you the luxury of using any kind of container. Therefore, you can use it in a variety of places without having to worry about breaking it.

If you are looking for a source of food for your household, then it would be better if you had access to the salt. They are not very expensive and there are a lot of different varieties available in the market.

How Can You Identify High-Quality CBD Oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant. Although present in cannabis, CBD oil is most often extracted from hemp farming.

It is because of this variety of cannabis contain less THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, a chemical that creates psychoactivity in humans; in other words, THC is what makes people feel “high”. You can also navigate to this site to buy high-quality CBD products online.

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Here are some ways to identify high-quality CBD oil:

1. Manufacturing CBD: How CBD Oil Is Made Matters

Unfortunately, due to the young age of the CBD oil industry, there are no regulations that control the manufacturing process. This means that the CBD different brands may have different extraction methods for processing the CBD oil.

Some companies, especially those that sell their products at a very low price use cheap methods when extracting oil CBD. Other companies use organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol for processing CBD.

2. Growing Hemp: CBD Source Matters

One of the best ways to ensure quality is to use high-quality materials. This is especially important in the CBD because of the characteristics of hemp oil plants as a "hyperaccumulator." This means that the cannabis plant is easy to absorb whatever is present in cultivated land and farming.

These are some of the key things to look for when buying oil CBD. It is important that you do your own research before making your choice.

While buying the CBD can feel scary at first, with a little knowledge you will be ready to make the right purchase.

Where Can I Buy Dead Sea Salt From Israel?

Dead Sea salt is the healthiest salt you can get. The salts used to make Dead Sea Salt are produced from sea salt mined from the Dead Sea region of Israel. This region of Israel has remained almost completely unexplored by anyone since time immemorial, until now.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea salt Israel does not only taste good; it is also a very powerful healing and rejuvenating agent. It is said that the ingredients that make up this rich substance are the same ones that make up all of life itself. So, there is nothing mysterious about what makes Dead Sea salt so special.

The Dead Sea is one of the cleanest places on earth. The salt that makes up this sea was gathered and transported thousands of years ago by ancient people who would come here to mine the rocks, and the sand that surrounded the sea. Since then, the salt has been transported over thousands of miles by man. But, there are no chemicals or fertilizers present in the salt.

That is why Dead Sea salt is free of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. A study in 2020 found that this substance is actually better for the skin than most of the artificial products on the market today.

Dead Sea salt is rich in minerals. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and copper. If you have trouble with your skin, then this could be the secret to restoring your skin's health.

Dead Sea salt contains more than 90% water. This is probably the reason that this mineral is so good for your skin. Some studies have also shown that people who eat and drink sea salt regularly have better skin and more elastic tissue than those who do not.

Another benefit of Dead Sea salt is that it is very effective in fighting infections. Studies have shown that the mineral penetrates deeply into the body and stimulates natural healing mechanisms. When applied topically, Dead Sea salt actually treats conditions like eczema, wounds, and infections.

Your body responds to Dead Sea salt by producing it and converting it into other forms of energy. That is why this mineral can speed up metabolism, energize muscles, and boost your immune system.

In addition to all of these benefits, one of the most powerful health benefits of Dead Sea salt is that it can treat and prevent many diseases. For example, it is being researched by scientists for the treatment of cancer.

Dead Sea salt is so powerful because of its ability to rejuvenate your body. If you have a problem with aging, then you owe it to yourself to give this mineral a try.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the wonders of Dead Sea salt. While you are considering getting some for your body, you might want to add more to your diet. Research has shown that there are many advantages to eating this mineral.

How To Diagnose Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer caused by an unusual gathering of cells in the form of mass in the belly. It can be grown in any fraction of the stomach. According to the WHO, due to gastric cancer783000 deaths were examined in 2018 globally. Its ratio is at the sixth number among all cancer across the world.

Somehow, if stomach cancer is claimed by the physician, they generally surrender the patients to the digestions who are specialists in this. The mentioned below list is the name of some of the tests that are performed to verify the disease of stomach cancer.

Stomach Cancer

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In endoscopy, a slick light-weighted tube is introduced all the way through the mouth into the region of the abdominal. The endoscope has the capability to detect cancer at the very early phase altogether with the non-cancer and cancer types of problems.


X-ray is used to give you an idea about the cancer cells if they are cramped to the upper level of the stomach cells and also at the lower part of abdominal muscles with the use of electromagnetic radiation.

CT Scan:

It has far and wide feature of a high-resolution 3-D imaging scanner technique that makes use of the X-rays to make an image inside the stomach of the patient.

Endoscopic Ultrasound:

It is utilized to identify stomach cancer by transmitting sound waves jumping to the abdominal tissues and other parts of the body. It also gives brief details of the number of cancer clots present in the stomach.