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Checklist Of Forklift Safety

As one of the lifting equipment in the plant site, forklift should receive adequate attention especially about its safety. Various potential hazards are associated with forklift operation. Complete check before forklift operation will ensure not only forklift driver safety, but also other employees and company assets.

A forklift safety checklist will help ensure its safety condition. It will help you identify any problem and potential problem with forklift. Having a forklift safety checklist is essential and it shall be provided within your plant site.

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Forklift safety training should include the following forklift safety rules:

  • You must always drive at a safe speed.
  • Use the seat belt every time you get on one of these lifts. Safety training is intended to keep you safe as well.
  • Do not use a forklift for any reason other than what they are intended for (lifting and moving heavy objects. Forklift training teaches you how to judge the weight and size of an object to help avoid the turnover of the forklift.
  • Use a safety cage for a forklift to ensure you are safe. No matter what the forklift is being used for, having a safety cage for a forklift is a great way to keep the operator safe from harm and injuries. 
  • Do not overload .Forklifts can become top heavy and flip over easily if not driven correctly or if the load is too heavy for the lift.

Make sure you are following all the forklift safety rules and regulations when driving and operating a forklift.