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Dental Crowns – Answers To Common Questions

A dental crown is damaged teeth recovery. They are made in a way that helps teeth work well so you can apply routine pressure while chewing.

People may need to use crowns in many cases, some of which can include the following: if teeth do not have enough areas so they cannot withstand pressure and function properly, follow the root canal or if the teeth structure decreases with age, leaving less surface area. Many people also use the dental crowns in Wellesley from to improve the appearance of teeth and choose it as a cosmetic choice for the front teeth.

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Other options can be a veneer or teeth ties, but the crown is needed when the tooth power supports compromised restoration. The crown is made of various products, the most popular of them is full gold and other alloy metal, although there are also many choices of porcelain crowns. The crown is usually 10-15 years and requires some post-care such as good oral hygiene, checking with doctors, and dental-friendly diets.

Now about the process: First of all, there is a dental consultation. After you decide on the material, the dentist will prepare a crown for your teeth. The second stage is when the doctor cleans your teeth and reshapes under anesthesia. During the next stage, the doctor prepares your last crown in the laboratory, and you can rest for a week or more.

Finally, the doctor will remove your temporary crown and put cement to keep the crown in place. The crown price varies greatly from practice to practice and depends on the material used.