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Galvanization Process With Wire Mesh And Its Applications

Galvanization is the process of applying zinc coating on steel surfaces, mainly to prevent rusting or corrosion. This method is the use’s via wire meshes for a variety of applications of the finished product. In the massive industrial area, use it as a separate category of the product and is available in different opening sizes and quality.

It is using in the manufacturing process of galvanization ( it is also known as กระบวนการผลิตคือการชุบสังกะสี in the Thai language) before welding of the joints. In this method, the welding material is visible over the steel wires. This procedure is generally cost-effective to the customer.


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In the process, the entire wire mesh is immersing in a galvanization tank for the specified period. Even the whole mesh, along with welding metals, is coated with the protective layer. This process is more rigorous and costly, but the product is better resistant to external forces and corrosion.
The extra protection of the galvanization process enables the mesh usage in a variety of applications apart from fencing enclosures.

It is widely using as a barrier for windows in residences. These wire meshes have openings that are smaller than the insect sizes, resulting in blockage of entry. Moreover, the room’s aesthetic is undisturbed as the screens’ colors are repaint-able according to the room color also.

Another exciting application of a galvanized wire mesh is its involvement in forming stone boulders or barriers. These may use for slowing down the natural land erosion process besides the rivers or sea. Strong, specially treated wires meshes are using for this purpose; they encase concrete blocks inside to absorb the water’s force, thus slowing down the erosion process.