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Greatest Pieces Of Medical Equipment In Indiana

Through the ages, every advancement in technology and knowledge of the sciences has resulted in huge steps forward concerning medication and medical equipment.

In the times of herb-lore and bloodletting, we've advanced to huge anesthesia, antibiotics, and MRI machines. You can buy the best medical tools in indiana if you are in need.

Some of these inventions, although they may be daily to us today, have completely revolutionized health care systems and life expectancy throughout the planet.

The Thermometer

Nowadays, a thermometer is part of each family's first aid kit and is among the first things we reach when we suspect we might be sick. The body struggles against infections by increasing its internal temperature to kill any invading pathogens, resulting in a fever.

It took years of trial and error in front of a standardized, accurate thermometer that could be perfected.

Ahead of the thermometer was the thermoscope, which was essentially a thermometer without a measuring scale.

Even though this would show changes, there could be no precise measurement of how much the temperature had changed. It wasn't till 1612 the thermometer with a scale was created, by Italian inventor Santorio.

The first thermometer as we would understand it now was likely generated by Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinand II in 1654. Still not true and without a standardized scale, it utilized glass-enclosed alcohol for a measurement liquid.

The Stethoscope

While today it's so widely seen to be a stereotype of physicians and nurses, the stethoscope was just invented in 1816.

Despite advances in technology producing electronic gizmos and other more complex methods of taking blood pressure, the stethoscope hasn't been laid aside.