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How Counselling Can Help Traumatised People?

Many people who seek counseling have experienced some form of trauma in their past. This can be caused by a problem that occurred in their childhood such as physical abuse, bullying in schools, parents' divorce, or the loss of a loved one. 

This trauma is often quite clear and the client may come to counseling as a result of experiencing one or more of these trauma "great". But behind many other common problems that clients bring to bring such as anxiety, depression, or relationship difficulties are often traumatized that have not been identified. You can get the best trauma therapy in Nanaimo from the licensed clinical counselors.

Depression Counselling

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Often when counseling someone who has experienced the trauma of the first part of the job may be to identify that they have been traumatized and what trauma is. This process often involves the exploration of the issue of presenting them so that behavior patterns can be identified that contribute to the problem. 

But sometimes this approach is not enough because the effects of past trauma are very broad or very debilitating. In this situation, the work may then require the use of approaches such as eye movement desensitization and processing or EMDR. 

This is a very powerful technique that uses eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation to facilitate the body's natural processing capacity. It helps to remove the emotional connection between the trauma and the trigger is present. It frees people to then find new ways of dealing with their problems so that they can live their lives freed from the past.