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How To Install A Skylight

Installing a skylight may create a dramatic improvement to your property. It illuminates the top chambers and brings more natural lighting, and a few are constructed to open as to bring about greater venting.

A skylight can transmit twice as much light for a window of the exact same relative dimensions and generate a feeling of spaciousness within a cramped attic or space. You can search online as there are so many websites like justrite which provides complete information about roof skylight services in Australia.

How To Install A Skylight

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Marking And Cutting The Opening.

Expose the rafters and indicate 4 corners of the opening 3 inches more than the skylight's measurements on the top and lower rafter borders. Create the opening square by measuring diagonally between the four corners, so the distances must be equivalent.

Push a long nail through the sheathing at every corner; head on the roof and get rid of the shingles and felt to expose at least 16 inches on all sides of this opening.

Joist Hangers And Headers.

Using screws or nails, attach a 3-inch broad joist hanger to every corner of the opening. Place 1 header into every pair of those hangers and twist it into the trim rafter ends.

Then, match the next header in the next set of hangers and twist it to the very first header in a staggered design. Twist the flanges of these joist hangers into the next headers.

Putting The Skylight.

Nail or screw 3-inch broad sheathing over the tops of these headers to level the roof off. Place 5-inch bits of nail and felt them on the headers to overlap the aged felt. Replace the shingles onto the ground and place the skylight from the opening.

Secure the sides together with cleats then substitute the roof over the side and top flanges. Ensure that the nails are put beyond the flashing borders.