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How To Install Robolinux Using Balena Etcher

In this article, we are going to talk about RobolinuxIf you saw the RoboCop movie, this particular Linux might spark an interest for you. You see, Robolinux like the said movie, it offers absolute protection of its users from any possible violence or breach of security. Its key feature is Robo untracked, unlike VPN, can alter your MAC(Media Access Control Address) addresses, that comes with encryption whilst VPN on the other hand, can only manage to put your I.P. address to a different geographic location, couldn't protect your identity getting exposed due to the internet traffic. There are many ways to install Robolinux. However, we recommend you to install it using a USB flash drive with Etcher. Etcher Portable is a great software for creating bootable USB flash drives and if you do not have Etcher installed on your PC, you can get it from here.

Balena Etcher

This is where the Robo Untracker comes in, it gives users the absolute freedom to be anonymous and far from the scrutiny of the internet data entities with untrackable & untraceable features. Perfect for data-privacy enthusiasts, and it does come hand-in-hand with Windows without the need for double booting. Robolinux provides a Windows VirtualBox that lets you perform with Windows alongside Linux, making it simply convenient to work with Linux. Its overall package of modern, secure Linux Distro Operating System, the only Linux of its kind to integrate itself with Windows Operating Systems from XP to 10. is behind the brilliant creation of the distribution system, you can look up their site and check out more awesome features.