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How to Travel With Cannabis Flower In A Car

How to Travel With Cannabis Flower

People fear traveling with cannabis flower in their vehicles for a reason. It's hard to control the odor, the skunky smell of loud buds bursting with terpenes. The odor is what causes police to dig deeper, initiating a further investigation into possession or other legalities based on the state you're currently traveling in.

The trick is to never let them smell it if you do have contact with law enforcement. It could be as simple as speeding, an improper lane change, or any other minor law you inadvertently break while on the road.

When they approach your vehicle and you hand over the required documents, they could smell it, and in some states giving the officer probable cause.

Dogs are not the reason most get caught in the beginning. It's odor and your body language, plus reactions to the officer's interview with the driver and passengers.

Stop the odor, you likely stop the problem.

There are plenty of products on the market to help you keep the odors where they belong, and that is in the container you're using. The most effective containers are made of glass. Glass seals easily and you can wash the outside of sealable glass containers, removing any residual odors from handling the product while placing it in the container.

Never forget, if you touch weed and then touch the container, you just placed odors on the external glass. Not good.

Some glass containers are specially made, very dark to slow degradation of your buds from sunlight, and solid enough to prevent easy breakage. They also hold seals well with lids.

Then you have simple mason jars. They are just as effective and come in many different sizes. It's usually not that hard to find a place to keep them out of sight in any vehicle.

There are also specialty baggies made just for weed. You can find them at online head shops and retailers. Sometimes you can find them locally at tobacco stores and pipe shops. They even have them on Amazon.

Remember to wipe them down after loading and sealing them.

While we covered travel in cars, there's a more complete guide to traveling with cannabis flower on Urban Aroma that can teach you ways to travel flying, on trains, and more.