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Know More About Biodegradable Wheat Straws

Give a rustic and organic touch to your beverage with the latest and most sustainable ,eco friendly drinking straw .  Yes it is wheat straw.

Wheat Straws  are created from natural wheat stalks and are cent percent biodegradable. This means that they will not linger in landfills, polluting our oceans or land. Wheat straw is your stem left over when all grains from it are chosen. 

wheat straws

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Traditionally, it's been treated as a waste. In some countries, farmers burn it off, that leads to air pollution and developing a public health hazard. These substances are recovered and used in order to create our wheat Straws.

Due to naturally occurring variance from the wheat plant, every wheat straw is exceptional in it's look. They are similar in texture and function into the plastic straws we have become accustomed to. It doesn't yet have the toxins and the harmful footprint on the earth.

They are economical, cent percent organic, compostable, biodegradable, and absolutely magnificent to check at. On top of that our wheat Straws include a natural non-porous texture. As a result, you don't need to be concerned about them or becoming soggy when making contact with liquid.

It is possible to use the Wheat Straws with warm beverages like coffee or tea, in addition to cold summer drinks, fruit juices, exotic drinks and dinner celebration cocktails