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Planning Your Bathroom Tile Design And Installation

If you plan to tile the bathroom yourself, this article will help you plan your bathroom tile installation in the best and cost-effective way and give you some tile design ideas. We will guide through the design of the bathroom tiles and your new installation planning.


Note that the planning of your tile installation correctly is the most important step for the installation of a smooth, easy and easy bathroom tile. This is an expensive task so if you have never done this type of job before, it is wise to hire professionals to help you with your tile installation. You can find the best bathroom tilers in Perth via 


Choose the bathroom tile design & your tile pattern

The tile pattern that you can make with different tiles is only limited by your own tile design ideas. A large variety of standard tile designs, ideas and tile patterns are available. Some tile manufacturers may make special custom tile designs for you.


Choosing a tile design is definitely the first thing you need to do, without deciding this, you can't start planning your bathroom tile installation. You can find some basic bathroom tile design ideas & tile patterns online.

For some inspiration you can check Google images for some shower tile design ideas, there are more than one million bathroom images there.

If your bathroom is small and the tiles have designs on them, you may have to go for smaller sized tiles as they have smaller designs. Too large tile designs may not suit small bathrooms so choose a smaller tile design for smaller bathrooms.