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Surplus Camping Tents Take You To The Frontier

Tents are one of the oldest forms of protection known to man. Nothing makes one feel like a border guard other than pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere and living in nature.

Of course, you need to make sure that you have selected the right surplus tent for your situation. There are many options to consider when shopping for tents.

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First, you want to buy a tent that is the right size. Ask yourself a few questions. Are you camping alone, enjoying stellar serenity, and living as a survival expert? Do you expect others to join you?

Or do you go out with the whole family for a week at a licensed campsite along with work toilets? The answers to these questions will determine the size of the tent you need.

Family tents are also available in various sizes on US Military Tents. If you want a place to run, you need to make sure the tent meets your height requirements. You may want a canopy over the entrance that is shaded and a little extra protection from wind and rain. Many tents offer built-in tents in all sizes and shapes.

Check out the awning windows that catch your eye. You may want more windows so you can feel the breeze through your tent. Or, you may want a window to prevent the summer heat from building up in your shelter.

If you plan to cook indoors, many tents offer pipe openings to keep heat away from the tent. They can be closed to prevent insects and other small creatures from creeping in.

After you've used your tent, store it in a suitable location. Keep it dry to avoid mold. Most importantly, make sure that all the poles and small pieces are kept organized.

We recommend that you make sure the tent material is very fire-resistant if you are going to use a tent stove. Some tents can be very flammable, so you need to be very careful when reading the warnings for your tent.

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