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How To Increase Your Creativity?

When someone creates something extraordinary, you often hear the term "Creative Genius". It could be a new fashion line or a way to cook a meal, or the creation of a social network. It's explosive! It's electrifying! It inspires! It doesn't matter what your definition of creativity is, you just want it. 

Understanding your creative potential is the first step to understanding how you can be one. If you want to increase your creativity then, here is the reference, you can order the best strains for creativity via

Experiments have shown that 80 percent of children use their right-brain skills, such as imagination and creativity before they enter school. The education programs that children receive place more importance on their left brain skills, such as logic, mathematics, and language, once they are in school. 


Let's take, for example, the creation of a website to be used by a client. These are some of the questions I might ask:


  • What is the industry's current trend? It is important to research the market and see how the competition is doing it. Do your research.

  • What can I do to make this stand out from the rest?

  • What can I do to increase the uniqueness of my product?

  • What imagery would you use to communicate the message, while being catchy?

  • Which layout design could I make? Try different layouts instead of following the same pattern as the competitors.

You can't expect creativity to appear the first time. Sometimes you'll need to go back to the drawing boards and rethink, reshape or reposition things to make them work. Keep going and don't let your guard down. You will reap the rewards.