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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation from a Professional Contractor

insulation glass wool roof

When it comes to the attic insulation, the spray foam insulation is slightly on the expensive side. However, this form of insulation offers many benefits such as keeping the hot air outside and while keeping the cold air inside the house. This then results in saving money on energy bills etc.

When it comes to the benefits of spray foam insulation, it is best to get it done from a professional contractor. Why professional? Well, this is because professionals offer you to save time and also their knowledge and experience plays a crucial role. For instance; if there is removal procedure required before installation of spray foam insulation, the contractor knows what they know.

Moreover, the contractor will also come home for a section of your attic and roof. Inspection allows the contractor to understand what work is required where they can come with an estimation for the work. Moreover, professional contractors always carry a professional license and insurance. Having a license is absolutely crucial before working. When it comes to insurance, it is all about covering for the damage caused by the contractor during the time of work. This enables you to save money because it is the responsibility of the contractor to get the work done. And since spray foam insulation is on the higher side, if the damage is caused by the contractor, the insurance company will be handling the cost-related work and not the customer.

These are some of the benefits of hiring a contractor to get spray foam insulation work done. You can also get other work such as glass wool roof insulation from a contractor.

Soundproofing Ceilings Between Floors


This is to address soundproofing between floors. Now, for example, you're living in a building and you wish to soundproof the roof above your storage room but the people living right above you have their kitchen or bedroom above you. Your roof is anyways carpeted so you cannot tile it. But you still want a private quiet room for yourself. 

The way around this problem is that you dress up from underneath. Now two types of sound or noise pollution can be classified as airborne sound which is music, people talking, etc, and then there impact sound which is the sound vibrations on the floor either of jumping, walking, dancing, etc, and nothing is going to prevent this unless you follow these tips. 

To kill the airborne noise, you install slabs of glass wool and to kill the impact sound, under the slab you use a resilient channel that fits independently from the slab, but you tack it onto the slab which will float independently. Finally, you get drywall and screw it into the resilient channel which is attached to the slab so by following these steps you should have a much quieter and more pleasant room to yourself. To do this you can either call a professional glass wool insulation sheet worker or you could do it on your own which is quite easy.  

This is a step by step process on as to how:- 

First, you want to look for any holes in the ceiling that plumbing or wires go through. So you take an acoustic sealing and fill in the hole. 

The second step is to install the glass wool slab and simply fit it on the ceiling. You then take the resilient channel and line it up against the wall and put it up with drywall screws.  

The final step is to fit the drywall on the resilient channel but remember, avoid contact of the drywall from glass wool insulation material slabs as it will then defeat the purpose of your efforts.