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Glass Lamps and Lampshades Add Elegance To A Room

Glass lampshades are an elegant form of the lampshade. While the primary use of glass shades is to diffuse the light that is emitted from the lamp, they provide a look of beauty and class as well. They come in a staggering variety of types.

Some of the more common glass shades are Tiffany, Torchiere, Bankers, Chandeliers, Globe, Chimney, Neckless and Lily. These types could be made of regular glass or stained glass among other variations of size, shape, fitting and the type of lamp.

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Cased types of lamps are also becoming quite popular. These involve a process where two layers of different colored materials are fused together at extremely high temperatures to create a very unique medium. These lampshades were very often used in Victorian lamps. Cased glass shades have one color on the inside of the shades and another color on the outside. Usually, these come in conical shapes and have a pattern embossed onto it.

Calling the chandeliers globes lampshades is a stretch but in most cases, they do fall into this category. Chandeliers do not exactly diffuse light like typical pieces, instead, they use many reflective facets and surfaces to reflect the light in every direction. Present-day chandeliers come in many forms and while the traditionally clear glass was used for these glass lampshades now almost any kind of glazing is used.