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Mobile App Developers: The Real Mobile Marketing Business Opportunity

Mobile apps and games can be a business's most powerful tool in marketing if only done right! There is a considerable surging demand of the mobile market today for various applications to run for Android, IOS, and other operating systems which now allow the newest wave of Smartphones.

It is for this reason that many companies are now faced with a shortage of skilled mobile developers. This shortage, however, represents doors that have opened for Information Technology professionals highly skilled in programming to embark on a giant leap in their careers.

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Research marketing shows sales for mobile apps around the world have reached $1.78 Billion in 2010 and rising to up to $4 Billion the next year. Who is responsible for these apps? They are the ones within the mobile apps consultancy jobs and developers who are needed and on top of job postings. In 2011's first quarter alone, there was a 302% increase in search for Android developers compared to 2010s.

Even iPhone-related jobs advance up to 220% within the same period. This job listing expansion at any given time frame only indicates that the career segment for mobile development may well be growing bigger than expected in the overall job industry.

The search for the best skilled mobile app developer is not limited to tech companies alone. In fact, almost all types of service and product companies are beginning to develop and introduce a new mobile app of their own as part of their intensified marketing strategies. In addition, a part of this move is establishing their social media networking presence.

Every business recognizes the importance of mobile marketing and that having a mobile app has become a need or basis for consumers to consider your brand successful.