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Evolution in Apron Styles

Aprons have been a cook's best friend for hundreds of years. Indeed apron used by men and women long before they are seen on television in the 1950s. In the past, it used to be associated with a woman who was supposed to be a housewife and one rarely sees them without a stylish apron.

Evolution in Apron Styles

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It used to be much longer than it is today almost as extra clothing worn over the dress. More emphasis is given to the function which is that it protects the clothing worn inside of collecting dirt from the daily work of the household.

Because there is no washing machine or a sophisticated fabric easy to wash in those days it was important to protect them by wearing them.

As technology grows the length can be shortened so that people's long knee began to come into existence. The apron may consist of cotton or cotton and polyester mix thus making it easier to wash. Almost all of the housekeeper, waiter, and butcher apron sporting look.

There are two types of aprons, ie. Which starts at the lower back and the other is the starting bib apron from neck to knee. The latter consists of a rope around the neck and two ribbons at the waist tied behind.

Which today is not like in the past is more to fashion than functionality. Aprons for all types of people such as children, men, apron bride, and mother-daughter apron set, one side of the apron, reversible aprons, aprons teenagers, and so on.

Various designs are available in the market brand experience apron wearing a fashion statement that makes the process of household chores like cooking rather interesting.