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Strategies For Transforming Talent Development

The concept of talent development represents a new era in the recruitment and retention of high-quality federal workers. This requires a paradigm shift in the way training is viewed and integrated into the structure of government agencies. 

Talent development is a strategic need that is spread across all agencies. For more information about talent development, you can click here now.

talent development strategy

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Strategy 1. Assess Agency Appetite

A special training function or organization is needed to create an atmosphere of talent development in government agencies. The maturity level of the training function is an indicator of the tastes of talent development institutions.

Indicators of organizational maturity involve management's focus on talent development, programs offered, the technology used, treating development as a strategic necessity, and methodologies for measuring and assessing the impact of training on a mission, strategic plans, implementation objectives, and culture. 

Strategy 2. Marshall Talent development team

In addition to designing, developing, and delivering training outside of the classroom, talent development includes a coordinated system of human resource functions that help recruit,  develop, reward, select, position, and retain talent. This system encourages talented agencies to work together.

The talent development team aligns the system and develops and monitors the implementation of the agency's talent development strategy. This includes representatives involved in workforce planning, career management, succession planning, achievements and rewards, and team recognition.

The talent development strategy considers current and future needs identify ways and programs to promote talent and coordinates human processes and steps to promote and sustain talent development.