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The Ultimate Guide To The Best-Rated Blender In Australia

In a world where everyone wants more than just a drink, a blender is fast becoming a necessity in any modern kitchen. There are many ways to use a blender, from making smoothies to chopping vegetables and processing ice.

Most of the brands have ergonomic features and great performance so you can get the perfect food combination. To help you make the right decision, you can check out the ultimate portable blender at

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here is a comprehensive guide to the top blenders.

Countertop mixers – Usually have a plastic, glass, or stainless steel container and hold 4 to 8 cups. Apart from mixing, they can cut, grind and crush ice.

Most are equipped with 16 MPH speeds and have controls that range from programmable to dials to buttons and switches.

Hand or immersion mixer – As the name suggests, this mixer is hand-held and immersed in the food or drink you are preparing.

Hand blenders are ideal for mixing smoothies, milkshakes, and powdered drinks. They're great for small tasks and come with slats and attachments that you can store in a drawer.

If you're a little clumsy about timing, you can choose a smoothie maker that has a built-in timer that shuts down the engine after the smoothie is finished.

Speaking of lumps, most portable wireless blender manufacturers understand that their product isn't strong enough to blend tougher fruit and vegetables into a smooth, lump-free consistency.