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The Problem With Cotton Socks

Buying cotton walking socks is one of the worst decisions you can make. Cotton traps moisture which is essentially sweat during your physical activities or also in weather conditions like summers. These conditions are ideal for blister formation as continued pressure will generally lead to one.

And blisters on the feet make day-to-day activity quite challenging. The kind of material you need to be shopping for is synthetic, synthetic mixes, or wool. High-quality super comfy ankle socks will generally feature pads around the ankle area and toes for much better comfort. Another choice to prevent blisters is by using liners or two pairs of socks.

Those that do double up might encounter some fitting problems as their normal size may be a bit too tight. Performing this does prevent blisters. However, it might be counterproductive because of the size issues in addition to the added heat. Walking poles will also reduce the amount of pressure on your feet, knees, and joints particularly when you have a heavy load to carry around.

Created to last, they are mostly created out of some form of durable metal. Standard functions include rubber grips and baskets that will be interchanged. Designed for use in tough terrains, they are generally created with anti-shock capabilities also.