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Use An Outdoor Motion Sensor For A Smart House

The idea of a smart home is not new. Maybe enchant everyone, the only problem would have the money to build or upgrade homes and last but not least to have the imagination to be able to equip your home. 

We present a series of articles on the subject, hoping we could help (and push) the amateur engineers to perform a variety of applications. We do not intend to launch an electronic device in the series, we want them to generate ideas for engineers, and why not, in the near future to represent a source of revenue for future entrepreneurs.

When you go to the page after a long day of work, an outdoor motion sensor detects your car and a lamp located under the roof of the garage. You can purchase the best-quality motion sensors online at

 (motion sensor)

Pedestrians will never know the outdoor motion sensor is not placed on your car. No need for a full workshop for this device. Also, the house speaker will announce to attend those you have arrived.

You will have no problem parking your car in the garage when it is dark or when you are tired if you have a motion sensor outdoor parking. This tool calculates the distance between your car and the wall and warns you when to stop. Now you just need to teach your kids where to leave their bikes.

When passing the house you notice that the child has left the bike leaning against the garage door. As you approach the bike with the thought of putting it in the garage, a reflector with X10 detects motion sensors and lights up the road. Outdoor motion sensor lighting stops when it no longer detects movement (via control X10), ensure the safety of your home.