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Who is an Accountant?


You plan to start a business! The first thing you want to do is hire an accountant. You will need someone looking after your financial records, preparing them, examining them. A person who has clear ideas of the number of resources you need to set up your business and how big or small a scale it should start with. Other than providing financial information about yourself, which you too are pretty aware of, what else would an accountant do?

1. He prepares capital accounts, assets, liabilities by analysing compiled information. 

2. Anchors financial information by compiling database backups 

3. Advice financial actions to take after analysing the market. 

4. Suggest ways to reduce liability and increase assets.

5. Store and backup your financial information

6. Maintain your financial security by complying with local, federal legal requirements and needs. 

7. Keeping your financial information confidential, and never share it with anyone else. 

These and many other duties are to be fulfilled by an accountant, he plays quite a crucial role in business development and is a reason why business runs efficiently. There are multiple types of accountants for different types of needs, like management accountants who maintain financial records for private clients. Government accountants who work for the government and, an internal auditor, someone who looks over the risk management of an organisation. 

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