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Why Choose LED Lights

LED lights are the most popular energy-efficient lights in the present time.  One of the main advantages of LED lights that they are durable and long life span

LED lights have an average lifetime of 100,000 hours you don’t have a need to replace them quickly.  LEDs are built with high-quality materials. They make it more durable and cannot be damaged easily.

LED lights can be used for several applications.  These lights are highly used for the purpose of indication. These lights are small in size can be installed easily on electronic circuits.

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Evolution of Light Bulb timeline | Timetoast timelines

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LEDs are not affected by atmospheric conditions such as temperature. They can provide lighting even at the coldest temperatures (-30 to +50 degrees). They can be recycled easily.

For the purposes of decoration, these lights are most preferred by people because they are available in various colors. They do not emit dangerous gas.

LED lights are known to be one of the best brighter light sources. They don’t flicker like incandescent lights and emit a clear light beam.

They are widely used as indicator lights on electronic devices.  They consume less power in the lighting area. LED lights are more capable as compared to conventional lights. They emit more light per watts as compare to incandescent bulbs. They are very helpful when used in battery-powered devices.